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Healthy Holiday Habits to Avoid The Holiday Weight Gain

It’s that time of year whether we love it or not, and it is up to us how much we do or don’t do.

It’s also the time most people get sick due to the added stress from shopping, holiday parties, consuming sugar laden foods, and compromising sleep and exercise routines.

However, this year does not have to be a repeat of last nor does the average seven pound weight gain you are still holding on to.

Here are a few simple strategies to enjoy the holidays without the stress and extra weight include:

  1. Plan ahead- when you plan ahead on what food you will prepare, what parties you will attend, and budget your time and money, it helps you better manage your stress level and enjoy your days.

  2. Eat more of the good stuff – whether you are going to be feasting at your home, a company party or someone else’s home, eat more of the fresh vegetables, meats, and poultry without the sauces. Some of my favorites are butternut or pumpkin soup, kale, grilled veggies, and sweet potatoes. When you eat more fresh vegetables and food with higher protein amounts it makes it really difficult to over indulge on the sweets. Click here and check out some of our awesome recipes.

  3. Get in some movement - stick to your exercise routine. Especially the days you are going to be eating out or at a party. Get up and walk for 20 minutes in the morning and set an alarm on your phone every hour to get up and move. The most important times to move are right after a meal.

  4. Get your sleep – did you know that sleep deprived people eat more? The hormone leptin goes down, which tells us we are full and have had enough to eat and the hormone Ghrelin goes up and tells us we are hungry and we eat more.

  5. Eliminate or cut out the wine and cocktails – alcohol adds extra calories, slows down your metabolism, disrupts your sleep cycle, and inhibits our ability to make rational decisions, especially about food.

So yes, you can actually go out and enjoy the holidays by applying these simple strategies and even better...without regrets!

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